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ET650 Exide Leisure Battery Solar Charging


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I have the ET650 Exide Leisure Battery

and looking for foldable Solar Charging to place in the windscreen.


Not use the van much and the only charge is via a durite (alternator setup)


The battery drop to 12.3v


So thinking of of one of these to keep it topped up.


Dokio 100w




Eco-worthy 120w



Both have regulator/controllers so it dose not overcharge or damage the battery.


Which one is better? Or are there alternatives?


Best regards


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I’m sure you’ve read the buyer reviews on the two Amazon adverts you’ve mentioned - and a GOOGLE-search shows that there are alternatives.


This 2018 forum thread may be of interest




I believe your Exide leisure-battery is mounted towards the rear of your Toyota Hiace camper, so you’ll almost certainly need to extend any ‘dashboard’ solar panel’s cabling.



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