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So how much has Patel cost us this time?


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pepe63 - 2021-03-04 6:38 PM


BBC website is showing a "340k payout"


seems to be a rumour but nothing official

Legal costs will no doubt dwarf it.

If you or I were defending the charges she was we would have to pay our own.

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John52 - 2021-03-04 6:26 PM


'a six figure sum' plus legal costs in a secret deal to get her and BoJo off

since its our money don't we have a right to know?


Scottish Tories were screeching about Nicola Sturgeon wasting public money over the court case yet here we have Westminster Tories wasting public money paying off Patels victim. Another example of Tory sleaze hypocrisy.

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CurtainRaiser - 2021-03-04 11:24 PM


So U.K. taxpayers have to give £370k to the guy who was bullied not to get the detail on how he was bullied?


All that to make sure a (formerly sacked and disgraced) government minister can’t be hold accountable?


Did I get that right?

She's a very nasty piece of work. More bullying come to light now at another department she was in charge of.



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I feel for those who worked under her

A female bully is worse than a male bully because you can't hit them back.

Nothing more demotivating than having a boss making you do the wrong things.

Especially for someone who is conscientious and has given their lifes work to building up a career.

They are not all a senior part of the establishment with the clout to defend themselves and others like Sir Philip Rutnam

She picked on the wrong one there.

But yet again the clique at the top of Government habe shown they value loyalty (to each other not to us) above all else. >:-)

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She is just symbolic of how low the Tory party has now stooped in their transformation into the Conservakippers. A vile human being in good company I would say.


Their record is now littered with law breaking, ministerial codes being broken and even lying to the Queen. Meanwhile all the media focus is on Nicola Sturgeon. How anyone can still support them is beyond me. There must be something wrong with them.

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The Nasty party control the majority of our media so used it against Sturgeon in the same was as they did with their vile smear campaign against Corbyn. They feared Corbyn and fear Sturgeon even more. They cannot win elections by democratic means so pay bribes to other parties to back them up, make promises they cannot keep and lie to Parliament and the Queen.


They paid Sir Philip Rutnam £340k plus legal costs to keep the details out of public scrutiny. He should have refused and dragged Patel through the tribunal.


Typical of this brass necked government who said they do not accept liability!! 8-)



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