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Badges for NHS


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Possibly having seen the political effects of his heartless decision to renege on promises and cut the already agreed NHS pay increase from 3.1% to less than 1% for most staff, Johnson is trying to fool the public with a cost free pat on the back for dedicated NHS staff. At the same time he is making it clear the decision to needlessly risk their lives by dropping all covid restrictions against the overwhelming tide of scientific advice has already been made.


First it was clap for carers, now they're dishing out badges. Are folk really dumb enough to be fooled again by this shyster?





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Well if he gave the NHS a pay rise others would want one too and he hasn't got the money has he ?

Borrowed to the hilt and spaffed it all away

or sent it to us to buy our votes and maintain his empire at that LOSER pelmet's expense (lol)


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malc d - 2021-07-05 7:38 PM


Bulletguy - 2021-07-05 6:02 PM





Are folk really dumb enough to be fooled again by this shyster?










Some Neanderthal Englanders for sure, Scots, Welsh and Irish have him sussed.


And not being satisfied with making an absolute balls up of handling the pandemic, this is the latest of his shenanigans with the NHS.



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Bulletguy - 2021-07-05 9:37 PM



Some Neanderthal Englanders for sure


Well they only have to believe what they read in what Queer Stammer BoJo calls the 'friendlies' - papers like the Daily Mail and Express.

My own feeling is that Queer Stammer BoJo would give them the pay increase because he is reckless and wants to be popular. But wiser heads are telling him we can't afford it - or the snowball of public sector pay claims that would follow it. Because he has already borrowed so much and spaffed it away.

He is continually praising the NHS because the glory of a great health system reflects on him.

Personally I don't really know how good it is because I haven't used it lately.

But if you look beneath all that spin you see less than 10% of those who died from Covid got intensive care like Queer Stammer.

People are having to struggle with pain and disability every day because the waiting list for hip replacement is about 5 years. About the same as those struggling with toothache - if they can evn find an NHS dentist to take them on. Queues at accident and emergency departments are legendary. Although not that bad in Scotland.

Thanks to St Nicola who makes the 0.034p she gets from pelmetman go a long way (lol)

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