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Leaking Roof Window - help please


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We have a 2013 Pilote P716.


We are having a water ingress problem with the front fixed roof window.


Water is getting in through the top of the window and staying as a full length line of water across the window between the outer glass and inner plastic layer – as shown by the yellow arrow in the picture.


Has anyone else had a similar problem with one of these type of windows and, if so, how did they fix it ?


The window is not easily accessible from outside and any help and advice is appreciated.



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I see that you already posted your question on the FB Pilote owners group some weeks back and received a lot of good answers, probably more than you're likely to get on here for such a specific problem.

If you search that group for 'skydome' then there are many posts on the subject with helpful pictures and information, having it re-bonded by a windscreen company for example.

It does seem to be a quite common problem :-S .

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The rooflight, as you describe it, is similar (i.e. a double skinned light with a moulded plastic inner shin and toughened glass outer skin)to those fitted to the first generation Hobby Vans, one of which we had; the rooflight of which similarly loosened.


The remedy, fortunately accepted by Hobby as a warranty matter under water ingress, was as suggested above. The dealer who arranged the repair, Southdowns Motorhomes at Portsmouth (then Hobby dealers), brought in a windscreen repair technician who specialised in windscreens for large A Class motorhomes, but also buses and coaches, in which the screens are, as with your van and the Hobby Van, bonded into GRP surrounds. We waited while it was done, and it took about an hour. The technician had one or two clever hook shaped cutters, with which the screen adhesive was cut through in a matter of minutes to release the whole item. The rooflight was then transferred to a support similar to a sawing horse, on which the old adhesive was removed and the sealing edge primed, followed by similar work on the rebate around the edge of the roof opening, a bead of adhesive applied around the opening, and the glazing then lifted back into position, shimmed into place, and pressed down onto the adhesive. We then left to find lunch while the adhesive cured, and by the time we returned the van was ready to go.


You may find this string, which I started to alert other Hobby Van owners to the de-bonding problem, of interest: https://tinyurl.com/j4e82c34 It was apparently a fairly common problem, although, as with your van, it took a few years before it became apparent.

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ColinM50 - 2021-07-31 11:31 AM

I've used Capt Tolleys creeping crack cure successfully on boats in the past and jolly good it is too. For fifteen quid, worth a go? Google will find it or a Google review but here's one

Link to Capt Tolleys

(Edited to shorten link to correct page width error)

No, Do not do the above!


Because, as can be seen from earlier posts, the symptoms are of the rooflight de-bonding. This is a known and documented problem with certain of this type of roof window, and the failure is progressive, eventually leading to the entire rooflight being sucked out while in motion - potentially lethal for any following traffic it may hit.


This failure needs to be taken seriously, and properly repaired as previously described, as soon as possible. So with respect, it is not a candidate for a "bodge"!

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Many thanks for your helpful replies.

Eventually I've managed to get it resealed/bonded and after exhaustive tests is now leak proof.

I found a Commercial Truck company who used a fork lift truck and pallet to give reasonable access to the window and allow them to work on it.

Hopefully it will last as long as the original sealing/bonding which was around eight years.

And £100 spent seems considerably better than the Dealer quote of around £1200.

Again thanks.



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This model of window fitted to Pilote motorhomes has been a constant source of problems. I have a Pilote fitted with one and have had no problems but the Pilote motorhome facebook forums have plenty of members who have. The main problem is not delamination but leakage past the sealant leading to water entering the cab roof lining and coming out at the front corners or courtesy light housing.

Of course Pilote know about it but follow their normal practice of waiting for a customer to complain and then hiding behind the water ingress warranty.

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