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Cleaning the M/H and silicone


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How do you do it? Yourself or a professional cleaner?


If I do it myself then it normally takes me a good half day to do a "proper" job. This time thought I'd try a local business. Twenty five quid and four of them worked on it for around half an hour and did a very good job. Just the outside and I made sure they didn't play the high pressure hose on the graphics so no issues there.


I did pull them up on the cab-to-motorhome join which was very black and dirty but chappie said if he gets too close he'll blow the silicon out and cause a leak. Good point I thought. Is there a specific cleaner for silicon I could try?


Easy to sit there with the newspaper and leave 'em to it. Best twenty five quid spent today


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ColinM50 - 2021-09-09 5:24 PM


Is there a specific cleaner for silicon I could try?


I just wait for dry weather then paint it with thick bleach, and leave the bleach to do its job.

Might need several coats, and take a few days if its really stained.

Then rinse off, making sure the bleach doesn't splash on you or your clothes

Hasn't done any harm to any other parts of the (white) van it ran down

(sometimes leaves a salty stain that easily rinses off.)

Not something they could do at the car wash necause it takes too long to work.



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