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Distorted glass in rear window

malc d

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The glass in one of the rear door windows in our 2003 Ducato has suddenly taken on a ' rippled ' effect.

( It wasn't there in July - saw it for first time a couple of weeks ago ).

Having never come across this in any glass, at any other time, I'm wondering if anyone else has come across it, and if anyone knows the cause.


There has been a plastic Fresnel screen attached to the glass for most of it's life - but can't imagine that would cause the effect.


Hopefully I can attach a photo :


The effect is exaggerated a bit as clip has been ' blown -up ' a bit.



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Hi Malc


I'm only posting because of the Fresnel lens reference-

Although it did not show signs of rippling, I had the rear window of my Toyota festival-camping van shatter for no obvious reason, whilst it was parked on our driveway, with rear facing towards the house.(it went with a hell of a bang!) .

It too had a fresnel lens and it was a sunny day?...So maybe they can have an effect on the glass itself..?




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Must be something to do with the plastic that has been attached to it.

Or possibly the plastic in between the glass sheets if its laminated

Heat can cause enough expansion and stress to shatter it.

But its never going to get hot enough in the back of a van to melt and ripple the surface of glass!

Have you tried scraping the surface with a razor sharp (stanley knife blade) scraper?

Or cleaning it with cellulose thinners (or maybe petrol) to dissole the plastic residue?

If its in the lamination I guess there is nothing you can do.

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Just had a closer look at it and, although it looks like glass, and sounds like it, it may be some form of plastic.

Outside is smooth to touch but inside does appear to have slight ripple on the surface.


Only seems to affect top one third of the sheet.


Looks like it has a serial number in lower corner so may be able to find out more from that.


( Not a major concern at the moment - the more important one is that the two Heki rooflight struts have failed - so that's my next job ! )



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