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Burstner lyseo td harmony line 744


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Hi, a couple of questions re the above motorhome (awaiting delivery). Does anyone know what size winter fridge vent covers are required. Burstner don't supply them with the vehicle, and the dealer wants to charge £200 for the pair. Also, anyone know the diameter of the kitchen sink? Thanks in anticipation.
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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Simon.


I THINK your Burstner motorhome will have a Dometic fridge/freezer and (presumably!) have Dometic fridge ventilation grilles.


This 2019 forum thread discussed Dometic ‘winter covers’




observing that these normally came in white that clashed with the non-white ventilation grilles Burstner chose to fit. So there’s the possiblilty that your dealer has quoted for covers that will have the same colour as your 744’s dark-grey grilles (rather the ordinary white covers) and that might explain the £200. Best you check with the dealer what you’d be getting.


There are photos of a 2021 744 on this advert




and you could calculate the size of the ventilation grilles (and hence the appropriate covers) from these.


There’s a photo of the sink (copy attached below) but calculating its diameter would be more difficult.


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