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Spare tyre fitting


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I believe the motorhome you own is a 2012 IH “Tio” 630 RL model an example of which is shown below.


It’s fairly common for Ducato-based panel-van conversions of that era to come with a spare wheel, as the commercial vehicle on which the conversion was performed would normally have a spare wheel under the chassis together with Fiat’s raising/lowering mechanism.


You really need someone to look underneath your Tio to see what is there and to check whether IH’s conversion has intruded into the area where the spare wheel needs to go. If there’s room, it should be practicable to retro-fit a spare wheel/tyre and the raising/lowering operating mechanism, but it might be a challenging DIY task and won’t be cheap to have it done professionally.


(I would have thought IH should be able to give you a Yes or No answer about this.)



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on the L4 van like Derek's picture the spare wheel fits right in the rear offside corner - you will see a small semi circle in the rear box section to accommodate it.

Just look underneath and see if there is space for the wheel, and find the threaded holes for the carrier.

They are round about where the centre of the wheel would be, with more threaded holes to the offside of it to accommodate the winding mechanism.

If that area is free then fitting the carrier should be a simple DIY job, bolting into the existing threaded holes.

There are 2 different carriers - the only difference being the plate in the centre to accommodate the wheel holes - the heavy chassis is different PCD to the light one

Eaiest way to tell if you have the keavy chassis isto look under the bonnet at the plate - heavy chassis has axle loads of 2100kg and 2400kg

Does it look like there is enough space for the wheel in the position where it meets the semi circular recess in te box section?

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The L4 is almost always fitted with 16 inch wheels on the heavy chassis. Where a LPG tank is fitted there is space between the spare wheel and the rear axle. The van will have been supplied with the spare wheel mounting hardware fitted but the converter may have removed.

I suspect not having the wheel is associated with payload.


The mechanism bolts onto installed captive fixings and is available on ebay. Ensure its for 16 inch wheels and that you have the correct 'winding key', may be with the van tool kit.

To confirm you have enough room measure the total diameter of a road wheel and confirm there is enough space under the rear offside . The wheel fits snugly against the rear panel.



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