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X2/44 and X2/50 manuals


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Not the eLearn version but a different one translated from German


Download the X2/50 one and save as pdf from this link;





or X2/44;



On my chromebook I had to open it as a web page first, then click on the download icon in the top right corner


(taken from Fiatforum thread ;

https://www.fiatforum.com/ducato/488965-workshop-manual-translated-german.html )

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John - that's a great find thanks.


I am somewhat confused though? (not difficult?)


My Benimar is on a Ducato X244, engine M15 2.8JTD, build date 09/2003, registered 2005 in UK

The X244 workshop manual translation states that it is for X244 Ducatos from years of construction 1994 to 2002?

Is it simply a older manual but still valid ?



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The Manual you’ve referred to has a picture of a Fiat Ducato X250 (produced from mid-2006 onwards) on its front cover, but the content is said to relate to


Fiat Ducato with 2.5-litre and 2.8-litre engine (diesel, turbo diesel, TDi) Years of construction 1994 to 2002


Citroen Jumper with 2.0-litre HDi and 2.8-litre TDI and HDi engines


Peugeot Boxer with 2.0-litre HDi and 2.8-litre TDi and HDi engines


Motorhomes built on the above - years of construction 2000 to 2002


The ‘correct' front cover seems to be the one shown in this advert




and 2010 appears to be when the original manual was published.


In 2002 there was a ‘facelift’ to Ducato/Jumper/Boxer vehicles that - if I remember correctly - not only affected their appearance (a revised front) but also their mechanical specification (eg. the transmission).




So you might well find that your 2004 Ducato differs mechanically from what’s covered in some areas of the Manual.


The original X250 manual’s publication date was 29 March 2019 and there’s around 30 pages missing from the translated version in the page-range 130-170.


(The two manuals remind me of Peter Russek publications - they aren’t workshop manuals as such, but should still be useful and informative.)

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