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How can I be the thrust to your career?


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Johnson's plea to Arcuri


'Advancing Arcuri’s business interests in the expectation of sexual reward without declaring their relationship in his register of disclosable pecuniary interests manifestly was a breach of the spirit of the Nolan principles that promote “selflessness, integrity, objectivity, and honesty” in public life.


When pressed by Marr to say if he had declared his relationship with Arcuri as a pecuniary interest, Johnson replied: “There was no interest to declare.”


In this, at least, the canny Johnson appears to have relied on a change to the GLA code that he had approved as mayor shortly before having sex with Arcuri, which specifically removed “close associate” from the list of persons required to be declared as having a “pecuniary interest”.

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"The affair with Jennifer Arcuri, for example, seemed not to dent Johnson’s reputation at first. Unruly libido was part of the roguish charm. But pushing a lover’s business to the front of a queue for public money – the deal, as Arcuri describes it – is not a saucy bit on the side, it is abuse of office."


Paying for sex - with huge sums of your money.


"This a way for Labour to beat a patriotic drum.....The Tories are forever trying to provoke the opposition into voter-repellent rows over flags and statues, believing they can easily win a competition to be the party that venerates historical symbols most noisily.

It is a trap.

The way to avoid it is by defining patriotism in terms of the values that British people might reasonably expect to see upheld by their government: decency, fair play, respecting the rules.

That is what Starmer began to do yesterday. That is the significance of his conclusion that “Britain deserves better”. For perhaps the first time since becoming Labour leader, he can challenge Johnson on one of the fundamental questions that settles voter allegiance: who speaks for the country? On questions of honour and corruption, it cannot be Johnson."



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