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I'm thick-skinned, so go by the Highway Code feeling smug that I'm following it even though other drivers think it's wrong. Noticed a while ago that merging well before the lane disappears causes a slow tailback, and as soon as you get to the point it does disappear, traffic speeds up.


Do need to check though what width is allowed in the righthand lane - not uncommon for it to be maximum of 2.5 or even 2m; with mirrors I'm 2.8.

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It depends on how switched on the road authorities are and standards asked of the contractor.


Locally, the format appears to be warnings some distance from the restricted road, followed with “ use both lanes” together with “ merge in turn” notices.


This seems to allow both lanes to be used and instructions what to do at the end,


Followed by a certain amount, of common sense and tolerance. ( write this with tongue in cheek)



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andjo - 2021-11-19 4:42 PM




In Belguim you are encouraged to drive right up to the end of the closed lane and the person next to you will graciously let you in taking it in turns.

That's the theorie !!!


I think it is best to merge well before the ' pinch point ' - that way the traffic gets through faster.


Many people object to those who race up the outside and try to barge their way in - and are likely to try to stop them - causing everything to slow down.



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