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reversing sensors


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crinklystarfish - 2007-07-04 5:35 PM



I’m a bit surprised that the people who haven’t had an issue reversing leviathans have seen the need to fit aids to their personal vehicles.


Try the husband Oh and the fact that he's blind as a bat and that coupled with when you're on your own ....Now swallow your trifle sir ...

Anyway horses for courses

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Guest JudgeMental

I have reversing sensors fitted to motorhome because - I can't see the back.


I have no sensors on car because - I can see out the back


I had sensors on previous car - because I could not see out the back.


nothing to do with skill, just plain common sense and consideration for others & their property as well...

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Hi Dave,


I don’t for one moment think that everyone who has seen fit to use such equipment is incapable of reversing without it. Clearly Thai and michele are given their experiences. It would have been a ridiculous and doomed-to-fail tack, and I don’t ‘do’ adversarial suicide. I fully accept that many who use the forum will be able to reverse proficiently; nowhere did I say they wouldn’t be able to. If my prose came over thus then I did the language a disservice. If you read my posts again you’ll hopefully see this is the case. I do wonder though if there was a separate driving test for m/hs, including a reversing manoeuvre, how many would pass?


I hoped to make the point that the (seemingly not very reliable or effectively installed) technology is not yet a substitute for the willingness and ability to learn to reverse accurately and safely without it. Learn to reverse first; including getting out and doing a physical check, is the thrust of what I want to say. If people want to buy an aid afterwards, that’s cool, I don’t really care, I choose not to. Given the potentially dangerous / damaging effects of the manoeuvre I have reservations about people who fit such devices and trust that that’s enough. I assert that it isn’t. That’s all.


Hi Michele,


Much as I’d prefer to please you, there’ll be no trifle for tea. But horses for courses indeed.


Hi Judge,


You can’t see the area around your front nearside wheel either but I’ll wager you don’t have a sensor there.


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Steve, there's one thing that I will take my hat off to, and that is Michele who says that she has reversed a coach with a trailer attached.!!That means a point of pivot at least 30ft away!! Now I can reverse an artic in a straight line but cannot reverse a "Draw Bar & Trailer" in a straight line to save my life. The point of pivot is too far back & again this takes practice to be able to do this . All my big rig mates are of the same opinion on this.

But we all agree that regs will soon be in to make all wagons have a reversing camera, I suppose at the moment it's what you feel comfortable with. As I said earlier I mainly use my camera as a rear view mirror.


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