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The not amazing Reactive Outdoors 3 second tent?


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Hi there im a novice camper hence why I purchased one of the reactive outdoors 3 second tents for my 2 night camping trip with my teen daughter. However I’m having an absolute nightmare with one of the large tents tonight. The winds are about 24mph but somehow the pegs have come out on the side where it’s getting hit the most and the bars on each seem to be close to buckling and are practically bent. I’ve had to use the other pegs from the guy ropes to fasten them down but this is turning into a horrible camping trip. Any advice would be appreciated. I’ve had to move my daughter over to my side of the test because her side is nearly falling in on her. I’ve checked and the top mechanism is definitely locked in place. Don’t know if anyone’s familiar with this brand. I have to admit very warm and dry inside but expected better wind resistance. 

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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums.

As you'll see from the history of the "Tent Talk" forum, this forum has little activity nowadays.

If you don't get any useful feedback here, I suggest you GOOGLE-search on tent camping forums and seek advice/comments on forums that concentrate on tent usage.

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