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P24AE Particulate Matter (soot) sensor


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1 hour ago, Brian Kirby said:

Good move!  🙂 

Except I should have done it a couple of years ago when it started

But I had 2 cheap chinese code readers off ebay that both said there were no fault codes

And the Varta website says that the wrong battery set up can bring on the engine management light because start stop will be disabled. 

I have fitted 4x100ah secondary batteries connected in parallel with the main battery through a split charge relay controlled by the ignition switch 

And Fiat say you shouldn't fit a secondary battery bigger than 20% of the main battery - which would be 20ah - absurd for a vehicle they market as a base for motorhomes! just an attempt to deny liabity

So I have been putting up with the engine management light for 2 years!

But then I got a new chromebook, so downloaded the free car scanner app, connected through a streetwise wifi plug from Euro Car Parts.

That showed the fault code P24AE Particulate Matter Sensor, so I took it back to the Fiat Dealer

She looked at it and said its a motorhome, which it isn't its a van - important to me because the Ducato Van warranty is 3 years, Motorhome only 2

So they changed the Sensor under warranty and its all fine now

Nothing to do with my battery modification - the fitter never even commented on it.

Sorry about the diatribe - you probably wish you hadn't commented now 😄

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