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Video clip appearing at forum start-up? (PART 3 - THE POP-UP LIVES ON))

Derek Uzzell


Please see the ADVERTS ON HERE thread on the Motorhome Matters forum.

I was under the impression that this issue had been resolved in the early months of 2023, but perhaps that was not so and the present ads are as annoying and off-putting as ever. Is the only solution for forum participants to use an ad-blocker, or can something be done to make the ads more relevant and less irritating?

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If you are going to use the Chrome or Safari browser, you'll need to add an advert-blocking extension if you want to suppress the advertising that is appearing in the Out&AboutLive forums.

https://www.tomsguide.com/round-up/best-adblockers-privacy-extensions#:~:text=AdBlock Plus (Chrome%2C Edge%2C,%2C Safari%2C Android%2C iOS)&text=AdBlock Plus (ABP) is among,%2C Safari%2C Edge and Opera.

An alternative approach might be to switch to the BRAVE browser (that I've no practical experience of) that is 'privacy oriented' and includes advert blocking.


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