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Autotrail Apache 632 Habitation Door problem - won't close


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Hi All

I have been trying to book my van in to a dealer to get the habitation door sorted but can't get it booked in anywhere at the moment. tried all local dealers near newark.

Thought I would try you lot just in case anyone had the same problem and might try and sort myself as we off on hols in a fortnight ish.

I first noticed the bottom pins didn't seem to be locating correctly when the door was closed but now when you operate the door handle the pins at the top and bottom do not move and the door does not latch or lock.

Anyone had this sort of problem before and could it be a DIY fix?

Thanks in advance

Kev 🙂

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Auto-Trail began to market "Apache 632" motorhomes as early as 2009, but my AI-enhanced crystal-ball suggests that you bought yours new in 2017.

Perhaps you could confirm if that's the case, as there's no guarantee that Auto-Trail used the same habitation door on all Apache 632 models and - if the problem you are having is a known fault - it might only relate to Apache models built during a relatively short time period.

Auto-Trail has a patchy reputation where habitation doors are concerned (GOOGLE-search on auto trail habitation door problems). If - as seems near certain - your latching/locking problem is due to a failure of some part of the door's interior locking mechanism, it will be necessary to access the door's interior to check what's wrong. How easy that might be will depend on the door your Apache has and, even if you can get inside the door, the 'fix' might involve replacement parts.

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