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Is a motorhome warranty only applicable to first buyer?


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Bought a 2022 Chausson in Sept and have a broken hab door handle. As the saying goes, "it just came off in my hand".

Contacted a Chausson dealer (I didn't buy from an approved Chausson dealer) who tells me the new handle is £158 + VAT and 2 hours labour @ £75 hr to undo 2 screws and fit it. I asked the dealer if it's a warranty item and they tell me warranty's not transferable. Any suggestions?

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I would contact the dealer whom supplied the motorhome, hopefully not Hayes leisure ( closed the business) failing that contact Chausson directly or the Uk representative. 
when I sold my LeVoyageur to a private buyer they had several jobs done under warranty here in the Uk and France by the manufacturer. 

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Manufacturers' warranties are normally transferable to new owners but you would really need to see what the actual warranty stipulates. There is also normally a notification process that needs to be undertaken when you purchase the vehicle. Did your dealer/vendor do this?

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I can't find on-line the 'official' terms and conditions of the current Chausson motorhome warranty. This seems to be the most detailed explanation, but there is no mention of 'transferability'.


I'd expect Chausson's 2-years habitation warranty to be transferable, though the change of ownership would undoubtedly need to be made known to Chausson and recorded in their records, and - as Colin did not buy his 2022 motorhome from a Chausson dealership - it's more than likely that those actions did not occur.

Even if ownership of the Chausson motorhome had been transferred to Colin, there's no set-in-stone obligation for a UK Chausson dealer to be agree to carry out under-warranty repairs to a vehicle they did not sell. Many dealerships are happy to do this, but some will not. Again, Colin having bought from a non-Chausson dealership, will have muddied the waters.

As has been advised, Colin should carefully check the Chausson warranty terms and conditions and - if he needs further guidance - get in touch with Chausson.


It's not difficult for vehicle ownership-transfer to slip through the net. In 2022 I bought a 1-year-old Hyundai car from a Hyundai dealership that had sold the car to its first owner. Not long after purchase, and unconnected with the Hyundai's 5-year warranty, I discovered that Hyundai's records had not been amended to record that I now owned the vehicle. This omission was rectified quite easily, but could have caused problems if under-warranty work had been needed.

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