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Traffic Wardens


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90% of councils now using “incentivised enforcement” – where private companies “receive a percentage of FPN income, meaning that officers are directly incentivised to issue as many penalties as possible”


I parked outside Alexandra Palace (wide pavement narrow road) so put 2 wheels on the pavement.  Just got up and cooking my breakfast when I noticed a Traffic Warden (or whatever they call themselves now) apparently starting to issue a ticket

He seemed startled when I got out, expecting the van to be empty.  I said is everything OK?  He said my wheels are on the pavement.  I explained I was doing that out of consideration for other road users, so emergency vehicles have room to pass without slowing down.  He just said 'park properly' and walked off. 

I fondly remember the days when Traffic Wardens were there to help us.  If I was struggling to back the lorry in somewhere they would stop the traffic and watch me back in. 

Parking meters in London were actually run at a loss!!! - charges were cheap, the meters were there to stop people occupying the space for too long.  Like it still is across the channel.


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The stated purpose of the Chatterbox forum is 

Chat about anything and everything motorhome, caravanning and camping related...

and of the Motorhome Matters forum

Log on for friendly chat and seek advice from hundreds of motorhome enthusiasts like yourself.

Your "Traffic Wardens" posting makes no mention of motorhomes, caravanning or camping, so - rigidly interpreting those two stated purposes - it could be argued that your posting has no home in any of the Out&AboutLive forums and, thus, should be removed.

It's no good you repeatedly batting on about your generalised postings being deemed inappropriate for the O&AL forums, or being moved to Chatterbox. If I had the capability and authorisation, I'd alter the stated purpose of Motorhome Matters and Chatterbox so that there was a clear distinction between the two, but doing that requires Administrator privileges that Moderators do not have.

If you want guidance on which subjects are 'correct' for Chatterbox, but not for Motorhome Matters (or vice versa) I cannot provide that advice. I suggest you raise the matter with Daniel Attwood (Daniel the editor) either directly or by posting to the Forum Support forum.

(Incidentally, I didn't move your Traffic Wardens posting to Chatterbox, but - if I had noticed that it had been placed originally in the Motorhome Matters forum - I would have.)

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