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Christmas Markets


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twooks - 2007-08-24 7:58 PM
Hymer584 - 2007-08-24 6:19 PMNuremberg is further down, quite a drive. I don't think it is in the old DDR though, it lies between Frankfurt and Munich, and is about 250 miles from Cologne.
it isn't - or even wasn't :-> B-)
The reason I said that was because of the previous posting below. Whilst it isn't all that far from Austria and the Czech Republic, you're right, it isn't - or even wasn't, in the old DDR.
caraprof - 2007-08-20 6:21 PM

I think that you'll find Nuremberg too far for a short trip to the Christmas markets. It's on the other side of Germany in the old DDR and not that far from Austria and the Czech Republic.

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went to the christmas markets last year in valkenberg a cracking little town with 2 markets in caves under the town loads to see & do stayed on a site 5mins walk from town centre on top of the hill


returned via lille in france they have a lovely market in town centre couldnt find a campsite in town so stayed on the outer edge of a car park with 4 or 5 other MH called champ du mars by the side or the river

lovely scenes in centre as you eat roast chestnuts & drink mulled wine avoid the ferris wheel at all costs as it is whey too high for normal people even the pidgeons fly below you (lol) ;-)

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Hi Michelle

This website seems to list a good selection of markets throughout Europe.

Should be able to plan a full month if you want




We were in Innsbruck last December & they had two seperate markets running. Also its surrounded by mountains. Nearest winter campsite I am aware of is about approx 8 to 10 miles outside at Seefeld. Although there is one on the outskirts of the city, I am not sure if it's open in the winter.

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Ok so I have resurected it because things aint what they should be so have decided that we will probably be going after all.

So keep them coming folk dont even have to have a market anymore .

Dont fancy the drive to Chamonix this year well i do he dont so he wins.

I would love to go away from the 21st until the 31st out of the country so where would be a nice place to be a christmas ?

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Hi Michele


The site where we stayed for 3 months this year is in Loyat, near Ploermel, Morbihan (56), Brittany, it's open all year round. (We live about a 5 minute walk from there.)


See www.campingmerlin.com


I don't know of any huge touristy markets nearby - although I would guess that Vannes would have a nice one - but this will be our first Christmas here so we have yet to find out! However, the local towns all have their weekly markets & they will be sure to reflect the Christmas season.





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Hi vicky hope all is well i bet you are looking forward to it oh how exciting I would be like a kid with a new toy .

I bet your right I can't see the French letting it pass without having wonderful markets .

When driving through France at Christmas time we always see them santas climbing a ladder it seems to be a most common way of presenting Santa in France I will have to see if I can find one for the little ens this year . well we are certainly open to suggestions so that might be a nice

place to spend Christmas we really just have no idea at the moment between the two of us we are usless really .

Somehow we keep ending up back up in Amsterdam or Germany not alot of sites open though . Still will see what he says tonight when he finishes work.

Take Care and have a wonderful christmas in your new house with your new life & friends. ;-)

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