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batchelor boys


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Eligible might be a sticking point Thelma but I meet all the other criteria. At least we could boast one pair of healthy knees between us, but if you insist on a old fashioned attitude then I wish you all the best in your search for the perfect"soulmate". ;-)
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J9withdogs - 2007-10-07 12:10 AM


Thelma - trust me, you are wasting your time with this lot :D :D



Hey, steady on there Jan!


I'm sure Thelma would be interested in the quick wit, the chivalrous charm, and the personal warmth and social graces of JGG or handyman, at the very least.........both HUGELY eligible and admirable examples of our gender for all the girls to swoon over.





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Got you mixed up with Clareh so ignore the knee comment Thelma. :$

Quite a few clubs and associations that cater for for people in a similar position and here,s one that i,ve given before.


The New Companions Club

Mrs June Lawrence

51 Copse Hill



CM19 4PN


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Guest starspirit

And there was me thinking that since Janine gave me the elbow I was yours and yours alone Lemonie dearest?


You sure know how to burst a guy's balloon gal!

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Mel B - 2007-10-07 6:23 PM


Hi Thelma


Before you get the wrong idea, Howie is mine!!!(lol)


I hope you manage to find a sane and wonderful man, but not sure if you'll find him here.... ;-)

Thanks Mel, thats really cheered me up, its just that "fluffy bunny" would like to see a little more progress on the physical side of our relationship. :-S . Typical female attitude with that "Howie is mine" bit though. Men are programmed solely for procreation and a pity women get so uptight when it comes to us having it away at every opportunity. :-(
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