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VAG alarm

FranklyMy Dear

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All Auto-Sleepers Duettos use a Ford Transit panel-van base and a 1995 version would have employed a 2.5-litre (turbo?) diesel motor. An alarm system was never offered as an option by Ford or Auto-Sleeper, so someone must have added the "VAG UK approved" system in the last 12 years.


As has already been said, to provide any useful advice the make and model-number of the alarm system will need to be established and the problems being encountered will need to be described.

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Thanks for all replies. The only info I have is an operating instuctions leaflet and the only number is on the back of the remote fob, MPT 1340.

Had problems when the 'van was bought so the system was switched off with the isolator switch fitted in the glove box. (The wife has a horror of alarms going off unexpectedly!)

The remote fob has two push-buttons, one for on/off (o/o) the other for "panic". A slider switch on the side contols the interior movement alarm setting.

Now then.....I have put a new battery in the remote. Switch on the system with the isolator switch and immediately the siren sounds+lights flash for 30 seconds , then all is quiet for 15 secs then siren+lights again, etc. Press the remote o/o button and the siren+lights are turned off...press the remote o/o again and the lights+siren sequence kicks off again.

Pressing the "panic" button sets the alarm going and it can be silenced with the o/o button so that bit seems to work OK. (All this with the slider switch in the off position)

Climb in to the drivers seat & switch on the ignition and the dash light blinks four times, indicating "an attempt to open the boot or bonnet".

I have dis- and re-connected the vehicle battery as per the leaflet instuctions, to no avail. That's about it! When the icy blast eases up outside I will see if I can find a fault with the boot (or rear door?) switches. Otherwise, any helpful suggestions will be appreciated.

Yes, the vehicle is a LWB Transit with a 2.5 straight diesel plus TB Turbo.

There is no auxiliary battery fitted at present...shouldn't make any difference, should it?

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MPT 1340 is a transmitter/receiver specification (so GOOGLE tells me!).


The system you describe seems to match that fitted to my 1995 Golf, right down to the key-fob's appearance and functionality and the operating instructions. These systems were sold through VAG dealerships and there's no indication of the company that produced them. They werern't great and things like heavy rain and hot sunlight (and plain bloody-mindedness) could trigger the interior movement sensors. I can't offer any useful advice other than to do what you are planning - make sure all the door switches are working properly and hope the thing cures itself.

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As its never worked properly for you I doubt if you know but is there a switch on the caravan door? If so what type of switch is it, a standard door type pin switch or a fully enclosed reed switch? If its the latter then very often these are connected to the bonnet switch circuit. If there is a reed switch then there should also be a magnet mounted on the door in line with it when the door is closed. If this magnet is missing or out of position it could be causing your problem which is basically that there is a permanent trigger signal being provided on the bonnet circuit.



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The fob with MPT 1340 is only that the signal is licence exempt and would only be retro, fit to any vag vehicle. If you open the bonnet where you can disarm the alarm have a look and you will find a name of said product.

Some of these alarm were fitted to some Ford Orion cars. The little computer like key has a No like 631 but I need the exact make of the alarm.

Please check out as Dave and Derek has advised first,



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