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motorhome club for singles?

myland rose

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Welcome to the freedom of motorhoming.


I think you will find the information you are looking for in the pages listing clubs in MMM. There are several different ones as well as ones for the different brands of motorhomes.


We are all very friendly




NB: I would be helpful if you could put the details of your MH in your profile (control panel) as requested at the top of the forum, saves a lot of additional questions.

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A couple of clubs mentioned in MMM:


The Phoenix Camping Club

"A club for widowed,divorced and single people"

E-mail: sue.britt@btinternet.com ( Plymouth)



Loners Group

"for lone caravanners" - don't know if motorhomers can join.





Don't know how old your mh is but there are some clubs specifically for older vans.



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Hi Richard


I have belonged to both the clubs mentioned but never actually went out with them although I introduced myself to one of them. I am now just a member of the New Companions Club which is very friendly and have several meets in the colder months which not all of the clubs do. There is a good mix of men and women, mostly retired but not all, some with motorhomes and some with caravans. Most meets are at CC or CCC sites with a few rallies in the summer.


Membership is only £10 per year - excellent value. Glad you have reminded me as my renewal form should have been sent off by now. I have looked through three issues of MMM but they no longer seem to list the clubs. So if interested contact the membership secretary by email carolsullivan919@btinternet.com for more details.


Maybe I am going blind as Malcolm has quoted from MMM!

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Thanks so much for your replies will definately try the ones mentioned. i did look in MMM without success, thought there was the solo travellers club or similar name? anyway very pleased i have some links now cant wait to get out there and try my motorhome out. thanks again to everyone.
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I am sure there used to be another club too, perhaps that was called the Solo Club, although the lady who ran it had now remarried so they obviously allowed couples too.


The contact for the Loners Club is graham-nelson@blueyonder.co.uk tel 01772 493884.


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I realise that you are looking for a club for singles, but I have been a member of the Motor Caravan Section of the Camping & Caravanning Club for a number of years and in that time we have welcomed many single ladies (and one or two single men) into our ranks. These ladies have remarked how welcome they have been made to feel and how helpful other members have been to them, both with advice and with more practical help. So, don't dismiss the more 'established' clubs when seeking camping venues. ;-)
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  • 6 months later...

I live in Portsmouth and am a single positive female. I would really love to connect with other Solo's.


In the past I have attended rallies but people's natural tendency to form cliques has left me feeling lonely and isolated.


I've not rallied since Bank Holiday May 2007. It was at Caravan Club's National Rally at Blenheim Palace. I went along with E Hants Centre whose members are mostly couples.


It rained solidly for the duration of the event and I spent the time on my own inside the van watching the rain turn the site into a quagmire.


I got into a right state worrying about getting off pitch and site. In the end I was towed off by total strangers.


While driving home to Portsmouth I kept thinking. "I've paid good money to go away and enjoy myself but I've been as miserable as sin, why did I put myself through that?"


I dropped out of E Hants Centre shortly afterwards and have been put off trying established clubs since then.


My experience of couples is that they are set in their ways and very comfortable in their relationship with other couples. They have no idea what it is like for Solo's going alone. Maybe they don't know how to cope with us.

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Guest Tracker

Hi Elijay and welcome to the forum. I too was a single motorhomer for a short while a few years back and I too found it very hard to integrate into rallies etc.


That said I did find that the Camping and Caravan Club rallies and holiday sites are much more friendly places than the Caravan Club's versions and the CCC also has the benefit of no need to pre book most of them which means if it rains you don't need to go if you don't fancy getting wet again.


In particular I found the Motor Caravan section of the CCC a very friendly bunch in general and although most of these events are attended by couples you often find that the blokes gather in small groups for a natter and so do the ladies at times so maybe the CCC would be worth a look at? We have also found Motor Caravanners Club rallies to be friendly places usually - but again no specifically singles gatherings.


There are a few clubs for caravanning singles but as you say they can be a bit cliquey. Nevertheless as their meets seem to be attended mainly by single ladies there might be more opportunity to form friendships with these groups rather than the mainstream clubs. The clubs that I tried and did not enjoy were The New Companions, The Phoenix, and the Loners Club.


There is no easy answer I'm afraid but several of the lone ladies on the forum spend time Motorhoming together and maybe one of these kind souls will see your posting and be able to offer more specific advice from a female viewpoint than I possibly can - being a mere man!


I wish you happiness and many years of motorhoming enjoyment.

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You are so right about couples, (or most). Joan and I have been married for some 52 years, I think! but we have our own very seperate interests. She goes off with her flower groups and I spend time going round the world on my own like two occasions to Australia for 3 months, and the US many times.


Many couples will not move outside their own space, I believe its due to one being dominant. When seated waiting for a plane or bus it's quite pitiful to hear the comments from some couples asking each other what they should do or eat.


We are individuals in every way and when at functions I will go and sit amongst strangers. "Not with the wife?" I'm asked. "What for, I see her every day?"


I have a suggestion, you like camping, have you thought about vehicle groups, motorcycles, cars, steam vehicles, and many more. All these groups hold rallies all over the country every weekend which are open to the public.


Join any one and become an assistant at their meetings, lots of space, friendly people who don't give a toss what you're like or how you dress. The interest is their toys, and you do not have to own one.


The secret at these meetings is to ask anyone about their toys and you're an instant friend.


I would never attend caravan or similar rallies, they would drive me right up the wall.



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Bill. So nice to get a reply from a free spirited (but married) individual.


What a great suggestion about joining vehicle enthusiast clubs. I will explore the options.


I once knew a couple who were almost joined at the hip. They thought it a great idea to record their answerphone message together - end result? Pinky and Perky. It annoyed me so much I refused to leave a message if the machine kicked in.


I am going off at a tangent but do couples ever wonder what the future holds and do they take preventative steps to cope? No one lives forever so it is better to retain individuality and interests. And to learn survival skillls like driving and cooking.


I come from a line of feisty women so it is easy for me to be independent.


Best wishes, Liz

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Derek Uzzell - 2009-10-09 8:15 AM I'm pretty sure "Motorhome Monthly" magazine (the free one) contains a list of clubs. I also came across this http://www.motorhomefun.co.uk/solo-travellers/[/quote]

Yes, I can confirm there is a thread running with a few single MH's posting, if I ever get my MH on the road I will be technically single for many of my trips around UK and although unlikely, if our path should cross you are welcome to partake a cuppa with me (Or even something stronger if I have anything) 

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  • 9 years later...

Hi I am a single and own a motorhome, I have been travelling for about 10 years and really enjoy being on my own, I have tried camping sites but found they are exclusively couples,

I would however like to join up with other single enthusiasts and here about their travels,

I have just spent most of the winter in Spain,

I live in Kent, If there is anybody out there who would like to meet up get in touch.

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myland rose - 2009-03-08 2:58 PM


Hi any single retired female motorhome owners out there? i have just bought an older motorhome and would like to join a club or meet others in same position. I have tried putting solo motorhome club in google without success, can anyone help? Thanks


Im confused are you male or female as your profile says your name is Richard Chitson and registered in 2006..... some on here think your female ????.


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This thread was initiated by Richard Chitson (“myland rose”) on 8 March 2009 and was resurrected on 23 March 2019 by recently-joined forum participant Sandra Lee (“savana”).


Richard Chitson's last forum logon was o 27 April 2009.


A GOOGLE-search on “motorhome singles club” retrieves a number of possibilities




Section 3 of this link may also interest Sandra.




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Why not join New Horizons Camping Club, it is open to anyone who owns a motorhome, camper van, touring caravan, tent and who camp alone.

Our programme covers all areas of mainland Britain, with rallies and meets from March to October. This year we ventured further afield with winter in Spain 🇪🇸 and Spring in France 🇫🇷. During the winter months regular lunches are organised in most regions of the country to enable members, especially New Members, to keep in touch.

For further information visit our website or send an email.

Website:  https://www.newhorizonscampingclub.co.uk/

Email:  angela.newhorizonscamping@gmail.com

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