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This web site is similar to google earth. It's really useful if you're thinking of visiting a site and want to have a look at the area. Just type in the post code/address and its flagged up. You can have a look at the terrain and even zoom in for a closer look.

I've been looking for a CL site in Wales for Easter and a couple I looked at were either adjacent to the A465, or backing onto a railway line. Another was in the middle of nowhere......so no good for a walk to the pub for an evening meal.

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Hi all,


You need to try the latest street view from Google, some of the street photos are only a couple of months old (my parents road for example).


If you haven't used it before locate an area by typing in the postcode or simply zooming in on the map, then drag the little golden man from the top of the zoom bar onto a street and wait, all the streets covered are then highlighted in blue. When a small photo appears let go of the mouse and you will get a full image that you can then scroll along the road or zoom in even further. If you then make it full screen with the icon top right of the photo the definition is awesome!


It's also very useful if you're thinking of buying a house as you can do a virtual 'drive by'.




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Google's streets is great but there is the big brother side to it.


Phoned up my mate & got him worried pointed out where all his security lights were buy adjusting the camera angle could see his Motorhome behind his double gates, it's not normally visible from the road.


It's a great tool for Mr. Burglar


Our house was taken last week of March last year can tell by no Motorhome in the drive & state of flora.



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