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Trickle chargers

Paul RMB

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Hi Paul, welcome to the mad house! :-D


I must get my eyes tested, I could've sworn that said TICKLE chargers!!! 8-)


Clive Mott-Gotobed (just called 'Clive' on here) would probably be one of the most obvious people to answer this as I dont think there's anything he doesn't know about chargers, electrics etc, so if you don't get much of a resopnse, it would be worth dropping him a PM or posting this question again on the Motorhome Matters main forum as that tends to get more viewings.


A couple of questions for you, the answers to which may help you get more appropriate responses:


Are you thinking of replacing an existing charger?


Have you seen a motorhome/or have a motorhome, with a particular charger in which you want more info on?


Are you just trying to get your head about the subject?

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Hi Paul,


Surely one of the most obvious questions to ask is why do you think you need a trickle charger?

We have owned our M/H for 2 years and have never had to put a charger on it yet. Before we go away I plug the M/H into the mains to run the fridge and could always charge either of the batteries through the built in charger but have never found the need to.

So the burning question is do you really need a separate trickle charger?



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