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Mobile Internet 50mb for 99c per day.


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Minstrel - 2010-09-26 12:15 AM


I think when I did some investigation I must have ended up on Vodafone UK. However, on looking again at Vodafone Ireland it's not very obvious to find the 99cents rate.


If any one can find it just let me know.



I don't think you will!! just take it for what it is and enjoy. I've just spent the last three weeks 'roaming' in the UK/France and it's more than paid for itself compared to the usual 'rip off' camp site and roaming prices.

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Hi, Derek


We have just returned from a few weeks in France and I must admit I have been lucky with Campsite Wifi connections a few of them were free albeit you needed to go to the reception area and 2 of them only charged €1 for an hour which was plenty of time for what i wanted, I also used McD and a towns open connection, so all in all I didn't think it was that bad.


I must also say that there were a few occasions where i used it because it was there rather than needing it, I sometimes think I may be becoming addicted.


Albeit the Vodafone deal does look very very good and I ma getting very tempted to go for it.


derek500 - 2010-09-26 8:24 AM


Minstrel - 2010-09-26 12:15 AM


I think when I did some investigation I must have ended up on Vodafone UK. However, on looking again at Vodafone Ireland it's not very obvious to find the 99cents rate.


If any one can find it just let me know.



I don't think you will!! just take it for what it is and enjoy. I've just spent the last three weeks 'roaming' in the UK/France and it's more than paid for itself compared to the usual 'rip off' camp site and roaming prices.

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For those who may have recently come into the world of mobile internet and internet abroad can I take this opportunity to draw together a couple of threads.

Vodafone used to sell a white Huawei K3565 pay-as-you-go dongle which you could top up in chunks of 1GB for £15 and as long as you logged in once in any 90 day period, it worked a treat and the amount on the sim stayed active for as long as you like.

However, this dongle never worked abroad (outside of the UK).

The 'offer' then closed and the replacement device was again the white Huawei K3565 pay-as-you-go dongle but I seem to recall it had a slightly different number like K3565b as opposed to the earlier K3565a - if you can get the search to work I'm sure you can find the thread.

Anywho, the new device ended up capping you at 30 days which meant that whatever was left on the sim was lost and you had to top it up again for the next month.  However, those people with the original dongle were unaffected and still enjoy the original benefits.

Both the original and newer dongles are still available on ebay but as you can imagine the older ones are much dearer because of the reasons stated above.

Here is a link to the ones currently available on ebay http://tinyurl.com/39orzsk

Thanks to Derek, he found a guy in Ireland selling Irish Vodafone sim cards that work abroad on a pay-as-you-go basis with very similar benefits to the original one described above but with the added benefit that they work abroad.  I.e. outside of Ireland.

I suspect that even though the Irish Vodafone offer appears to have expired they will 'probably' still honour the original sim cards as long as you keep them validated.

I hope this clarifies a few points.


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braunston - 2010-10-13 8:08 PM


Hi, Anyone having problems with there Irish SIM



Just read this on another forum


"As you may be aware, there has been a hiccup in the 99 euro cents-a-day 50mb-data allowance Irish SIM card for dongles for roaming Internet connection that have been discussed on the list.


That hiccup is that suddenly users - me included - suddenly got error messages about the card's registration. We could no longer connect.


E-bay seller of the 30-euro cards, Miro, responded to my concern on this by giving me an email 'template' to send to Vodafone Ireland. (He said there had been 1,500 complaints).


Vodafone ie's response was:


"In relation to your email, please be advised Vodafone has disconnected this number as it is in breach of the terms and conditions of Vodafone's pay as you go service. We will not be reconnecting this number or transferring ownership on it.

Please return the sim card to the place of purchase."


So be warned: Do not board this Titanic! It has so far cost me 60 Euro - 30 to Miro, 30 to Vodafone in credit on the number. (Who should repay me that?)


I have emailed Miro again. I await his response"


Looks like it may all be over.



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Just tried mine and I've got a 'You can't connect before registrar on available network' message.  Putting to one side the dreadful bad Vodafone grammar, I can't get a connection from a device which worked perfectly when I originally set it up.

Like Derek, I changed the password and it was fine until I saw the latest posting and re-checked it.

I've tried to check the balance on the sim using Vodafone's appalling web site but keep getting the message "Sorry, logon services are currently unavailable".

I've emailed Miro and got the reply "I am currently unable to answer your email as I am on my vacation until 21.10.10."

So there we are.  If a thing looks too good to be true . . . . . . . . .

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Thanks for heads up on this Dave, and conformation from waytogo.


I bought one on the 11 October, arrived today, but at least I can now save myself another 30euro.


I did wonder about the rule of only being able to buy two mobiles in a month would similarly apply making this mass purchase of sims an individual open to challenge.


Sorry missed the 'by' an individual. Makes no sense without.



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Getting more confused than ever. Re-registered mine via wi-fi connection to Vodafone initially .


Took ages to unlock the Vodafone dongle I had bought separately, tried to run the dongle, with the Irish sim, via Mobile Partner and a ZTE program (dongle a K3570 made by ZTE not Huawei I think) without success. Can however connect via the original Vodafone dongle software from my desktop computer. (Of course I don't need or want to do this) Not sure if problem something to do with the Windows 7 on the net book, I have XP on desktop.


What a mess, given the time and effort I have put into this I would have been better off buying a full priced unlocked from birth dongle in the first place. A little knowledge definitely a dangerous thing.


The Irish Vodafone connection however does seem to operate as promised.

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Hi Techno,


Many thanks for this looks very promising, I'll have a go at this tomorrow, with a clear head hopefully.


The original software that came with the dongle is vodafone's own and I was following the instructions from Miro to avoid this and use Mobile Partner.




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I have managed at long last to find a ZTE connection manager to run the dongle. Roundabout route from a post on a caravaning forum in Australia.


I downloaded Telstra Turbo, which must be a ZTE brand from their Australian website. It is not perfect, after you close it down you have to restart the computer to open the connection again.


However it does connect via the Vodafone Ireland site at the 99c per day rate.


Web browsing is painfully slow but it does work! It is only emails, weather checks and possibly site information I am looking for so speed is not too much of a problem.


If one was a computer whizz I am sure all would have been straightforward.

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This may be of interest if you have a 99c sim, it is from another forum


"SIM Miro has asked me to return mine and he will send a new one

unregistered, which I am about to do, will let you know


I e-mailed him and Vodafone ie.


His reply also asked me to return for exchange, but blamed Vodafone

for taking the top-up away.


No reply from Vodafone ie.


As he expects me to get a refund from Vodafone, I'll want their

confirmation that I'll get it transferred to a new SIM, before I

return mine.


Mine has never been connected."


So there may be hope if you contact the MIRO.


Good Luck



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Hi Johnontheroad,


I have just been reading your letter on the informas Miro 99c sim card.

I am one of those people who have bought one of his vodafone vards that worked for 1 day then when I toped it up the next day it was blocked by vodafone.

I have written to Miro and he told me the same as you to send off the e-mail he sent me with false addres etc in Ireland but with no sucsess.

I have sent my sim card back to Miro who said he would send me a new un registered card but up to now Ive heard nothing it looks like the same situation as you are in.

I would like your feelings on what we can do now, I thought that I might send vodafone all the e-mails that he sent me and see what they make of that.


I look forward to hearing from you or any one else in the same situation.


Thanks John

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The email reply I received was as follows :-

So here is a summary of a problem with your sim card :

1. Vodafone ireland blocked many sim cards on 29.09.2010.

2. After calls I have made on new few days asking why they blocked those sim cards they started to fix and reactivate all the sim card number I have been sending them to customer care manager. So they fixed many sim cards in that time.

3. Then they have changed mind and deactivated all those fixed sim cards again.

4. I have asked them why and they told me that they were blocked again because different person is using those cards as the person who is registered to that sim card and they told me how to change registration details through email.

5. So I have sent that instrucions to many people hoping that they will change registration details and reactivate those blocked sim cards.

6. after few days they stopped reactivating sim cards and started to send email that it is not possible to reactivate sim card as it is against their policy to move ownership to another person.

7. After my questions if that is OK that I have lot of credit balance on that blocked sim and I think this is a stealing of money they told me that I can send a complaint to

The Office of Customer and Channel Management

Vodafone Ireland Ltd
The Ramparts
Co. Louth
as per :

8. So after this all I can offer you is to send you a replacement sim card which is not registered but without any credit as your credit is stolen by vodafone and after you send your blocked sim card back to my address, I will then test if your sim card is blocked.

9. I am afraid that vodafone ireland just want to steal money from customers and by this blocking of these sim cards they have stolen lot of money.

I am really sorry for this situation but trust me it is not caused because of me but vodafone ireland. It seemd they do not want to that their sim cards are used in europe for cheap internet especially in countries where is another vodafone (UK,DE etc).

I've returned my blocked sim as requested and await a replacement unregistered one.  I'll let you know if it ever arrives.

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Hi way2go.


Looks like im in the same boat as you with this dongle thing from Miro.

you have the same letter as me and I have sent my card back to him and have just had a reply saying that he has not recieved it yet so he has not sent off the new one.

But even if we do get a new sim the cost of the internet roaming is not going to be 99c like he advertised in the first place.


Whats you views on this .


Look forward to hearing from you


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Yeah I just got an email saying he'd send a new unregistered one as soon as the one I sent him arrives.  I posted mine last Tuesday so that sounds like the same dodge.

My understanding was that the 99c a day would still work but that a new sim card had to be registered and more money but on the new sim card.  Not sure if Miro works for Vodafone but between them they had a good racket going.

He sells the cards, we top up the pay-as-you-go sim cards, Vodafone cancels the sim cards, money on sim cards disappears.

To be honest, I think his original intentions were good in that he found a loophole in the way that Vodafone ran the pay-as-you-go sim cards.  Unfortunately Vodafone has now plugged that loophole so Miro is left with a load of irate buyers.

What is distasteful is the way that Vodafone.ie has blocked their web site to those buyers and appears to have emptied their sim cards of all the money that was put on them.

Courses of action.  Well.  Personally, I think you need to put it down to experience.  I honestly don't think Miro will send out any replacement sim cards and unless you sent your card back by registered post you won't be able to prove that he's received it.

Vodafone.ie won't want to talk to you as it appears that we were infringing their terms and conditions of use and will refer you to the person who registered it.  Back to square one.

Ebay probably wouldn't do anything as he appears to have technically infringed Vodafone's terms and conditions.

At the end of the day, how much energy are you prepared to waste on trying to get a resolution?  The only thing you can hope for is that Miro sends a replacement sim card but I wouldn't hold your breath.


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Hi way2go

Thanks for reply yes I think your right but I think I might just ask for my money back and threaten him with trading standards just to see what he says to that. He has taken a lot of people for a ride and its not about the £25 but prinsible now

Any way will keep in touch and happy motor homeing.



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Sorry not to have contributed to this thread before, - been away, and would have bought one of these sims, - but it all turned to custard before we got back.


I guess that the best outcome would be that the sims all started working again and the next best option would be to get all the lost money back.


Regarding lost money.... Has anyone used the ebay dispute procedure?

What Ebay says is: -


In the rare situation where a seller doesn't reply to you or follow through, and 7 days have passed since the case (dispute) was opened, you can escalate the case to eBay. If we determine you're owed a full refund, we'll ask you to send the item back to the seller, and we'll issue you a refund within 3 days of the seller receiving the item."


If you paid by paypal, you should be able to use their g'tee to reclaim the cost of at least the sim and any credit you bought from the Irish seller.


As regards Vodafones' part.. Were any buyers made aware of V's Ts & Cs before lodging credit? If so was it clear that a foreign (to Ireland) resident could be penalised in the ways described. If not then it might be that V have renagued on their agreement with customers.


A letter, recorded delivery, to the Managing Director of Vodafone.ie detailing the grievance is the first step. Expect an answer within 14 days and if the dispute is not resolved send him/her another letter and another 14 days to respond. If still no joy, consider a county court summons


I'm a great fan of the county court system. If the seller was in the UK or I was dealing with V UK I'd have no hesitation (following those 2 letters) about issuing proceedings to reclaim the money I'd lost.


I've issued 6 plaints since 1972 and in 5 cases the matter never got to court, - the threat of losing ( and the other side usually knows if they're in the wrong) is generaly enough to persuade them to settle up. The liklihood is that because the cost of defending the action would far outweigh any repayments they'd need to make, - Vodafone would race to honour or repay any credit before the matter got anywhere near court.


I had a brief trawl today to see if the Irish system has anything like the English and found :



It looks like it might cost £15 to issue a plaint (payable by the defendant if s/he loses or accepts liability after the issuing), but if just one person did it and got a good result, - it's just a matter for anyone else to quote the case and threaten similar action to also benefit. Plaints can usually be issued by post and without needing to attend court.


As far as I know, jurisdiction is governed by where the transaction took place. Postal (and by inference online) transactions can be deemed to have occurred at either end so the Irish courts should accept a plaint from a UK based citizen.


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