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Autotrail Cheyenne bathroom light fitment - removal?


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We have a 52-reg Autotrail Cheyenne 635 - in the bathroom there are 2 ceiling lights, both small domes surrounded by a silver ring mounted on a wood panel.


Does anyone know how to remove the light covers? (they're our last 12v incandescent/halogen bulbs, and I'd like to switch to LEDs) I can't see any obvious way to remove them and am bothered that my usual method (brute force and ignorance!) might damage the fitment.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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In case anyone else is wondering, I emailed Autotrail and got the following (very prompt) response:




I believe the surround should simply pull off, behind here you should find the screws. Like you say you will probably have to use brute force.




Steve Moverley

Development Manager"

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You will probably need to use something like a putty knife or small paint scraper and get into the joint and spring it off, you can damage them if you are not carefull, they can be a tight fit but they do part. As you will be looking up it might be a good idea to use some light eye protection just in case it springs out and hits you.
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Hi SolwayBuggier,


Sorry but I missed your earlier post :'(


I had to remove one of our bathroom lights as it had bits in it.

I used a trim removal tool like this Link and rested it on a piece of card to prevent marking the wood. I eased it off by working round and gently levering the cover off.


It was fairly simple really, but probably because I had a suitable tool :$




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