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Lost me spark


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Went to use the hob t'other day and couldn't ignite the gas.

Checked everything out and the auto-igniter thingy wasn't providing a spark to any of the burners.

There's obviously power to the igniter switch, as it won't work (click) at all without the control panel being switched on.

I've checked the handbook (it's a Spinflo 2040e Caprice, by the way) but there's no info there.

No AA batteries lurking anywhere are there?


Thanks in anticipation.

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Dave, thanks for that.


Took me a while to actually find "item 87" on the drawing.

Talk about a needle in a haystack!


Although it is on the electrical side, looks like it'll have to be a job for a gas-approved chappie, then!


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Hi Brian,


Are you saying that the igniter does 'click' when you press the button with the control panel turned on but not with it turned off?

If this is the case then your igniter is possibly Ok and your fault will be the spark shorting to earth before it arrives at the spark gap. This may be the result of a shorted spark gap, a wire chafed through somewhere within the cooker or very possibly damp in the wires.

First thing would be a visual check of all the spark gaps at the burners then failing this it'll almost certainly have to be cooker out to investigate further :'(




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Hi Keith,

yes the plunger provides the loud click Ok, which is why we couldn't understand why the gas wouldn't light.

All was fine a couple of weeks ago and can't see damp is the problem at this stage of the season.

I'll have a good inspection over the weekend to see if there's anything a bit more obvious.

In the meantime, thanks for your help.

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