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Apache towbar


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Is it possible to fit a towbar to a 2007 Fiat Ducato 2.3 Autrail Apache 634L, I've found a nice little microcar that will go behind it a treat and as its less than 400kg I don't think it will create probs as regarding the brake/weight limits etc. I'm a little concerned about the over hang so not 100% sure on whether its possible or not. B-)
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Hi Anthony,


We had a towbar fitted to our AT (although it is on a Merc chassis) by Towtal in Stoke on Trent. The engineering is excellent but was only let down by the paint finish which didn't last 2 years before I had to get it powder coated :-(


As for towing a car only weighing 400kg, unfortunately if it has it's wheels in contact with the ground then it will have to have a working braking system as the regulations clearly say if a trailer has brakes then they must work.

The only way out here would be to put the car on an unbraked trailer weighing less than 350kg so the total trailer weight was less than 750kg. Personally I would rather tow a braked trailer of 400kg than an unbraked of 750kg as the difference will be very noticeable.


The towing limit for your MH will be given in the vehicle handbook or failing that you will have to revert to the VIN plate to work it out.



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