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Matador or Continental Tyres?


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We have a 1998 LDH Hymer B584 and need to replace the two rear tyres due to age.


The gross weight is 3200kg, front axle load 1650kg and the rear is 1750kg.


On the front we have two Mitchelin Agilis.


The current rear tyres are Michelin X 205/70R 15C PR8 106/104P.


If we are lucky we do about 30000 miles a year.


Our local STS, have suggested either a pair of 205/70R 15C 106R Continental Vanco 2 for £200 fitted or a pair of 205/70R 15C 106R Matador for £150.00 fitted.


STS said the Matador was made by Continental but used an older Continental tread (he assured us that the tyre was not an old tyre kept in stock and was new stock) and was just as good and that the tread was as good as the tread as the current rear tyres.


As you may guess we know which ones we would like to buy buy has anyone heard of Matador and if so are they any good?


Many thanks for any help advice etc.



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