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I'd appreciate advice on replacing my halogen bulbs with LEDs. I'm sure there are plenty of references on the Forum but I've had no luck using Search.


Most of my bulbs are either MR11 or MR8 spotlights or G4 bulbs.


Question 1: I have a group of 3 MR8s in my lounge with a dimmer. Can I use LED bulbs with a dimmer swich?


Question 2: Where to source LEDs.


I've found a web site for BedazzledUK which makes some quite frighteneing claims about LEDs that do not have a built in fuse and voltage spike supressor. Are Bedazzled's claims valid and should ecah LED have its own fuse? If so, I'm wondering whether their G4 replacements will actually fit into the bulb holder due to the presence of the fuse on the back of the LED. There must be other online suppliers so names of reputable suppliers would be appreciated. Finally, does anyone know of a retail supplier in the East Midlands I could visit? I'm looking at some 20 replacements so I'd like to inspect the goods before buying.


All advice much appreciated.



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The 12V LED bulbs generally available for motorhomes, etc. are very unlikely to work with your dimmer. (they are essentially constant voltage devices, and your dimmer will most likely work by adjusting voltage - LEDs are likely to cut out very quickly).


I've sourced LEDs from two separate suppliers, and had problems with one of them that others also appear to have experienced.


The supplier I would recommend is http://www.atenlighting.co.uk/

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And another vote for Aten lighting.


I bought some G4 replacements from them at last Octobers show and was so impressed I ordered more and have now replaced all the spotlights plus all the fluorescents with LED strips.

But do make sure you buy Warm white as Cool white is very blue and IMO harsh.


They are also based in Melton Mowbray so may be open to personal visitors.



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The MR8 bulb is a mite unusual, so suppliers of LED exact equivalents may be limited, though they are out there (see below).




As has already been said, it's unlikely that replacement LED bulbs will work properly with your present dimmer-switch.


I don't know how concerned you should be about Bedazzled's warnings, but fuse- and voltage-spike protection has got to be a Good Thing. Bedazzled's G4 LED bulbs all seem to be 8mm thick, so should fit in most lamps that use a G4 halogen bulb originally. If in doubt, buy a sample.


Lots of earlier threads on this subject - this is possibly the most recent.




(Searching using LED bulbs/derek uzzell/All posts will retrieve many more.)

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Question 1. No


Question 2. Aten Lighting


As for Bedazzles advice, it appears to refer to boats and supplies higher than 12V. Your motorhome battery should provide sufficient transient voltage suppression (assuming all your existing lighting is supplied at extra low voltage, 12V).


Fuses, circuit protection, are usually only provided to protect a circuit, that part of a lighting installation assembled on site, not factory made lamps produced to a standard.


Also, you should check if any of your existing lighting uses low voltage transformers (disconnect EHU). LEDs won't work off tungsten lighting electronic transformers because they don't provide sufficient load, not unless you've got rather a lot of LEDs.

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