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Electrolux 'fridge door problem


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The Electrolux 'fridge door in my Lunar Roadstar has developed a loose RH top hinge which stops me holding open the door when we're not out and about.

I've removed (and since replaced) the top plinth which the control knobs fit into but still cannot see any way to access whatever secures the top hinge, which to my mind just needs tightening.

There were quite some important looking 'bits' behind the plinth, which I didn't want to disturb for fear of causing some damage I couldn't rectify.

I.ve contacted Dometic, who kindly emailed me a technical manual but unfortunately hinges were not covered.

I would really like to sort the problem as at the moment I can hold the door open, but not stop it swinging about when I move the 'home, or stop the door swinging all the way open, but can't stop it shutting altogether.

I realise this is not a 'life or death' problem but I'm convinced there is a solution I'm just not getting !

Thank you in anticipation

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Guest Tracker

Most fridge model have doors which can be hung either side opening and thus the hinges are switchable but you may have to release the fridge from within its housing and slide it out to tighten the hinge screws.


It's a long time since I did one but as you suspect it is not difficult once you know.


Fridges are secured by different methods depending on model and one popular way is with screws through the inside of the fridge cabinet with their holes blanked off with plastic caps.


There are probably other ways but one of the experts will be along to advise with luck, meanwhile it's worth a look to see how yours is fitted?



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Thanks Tracker,

As soon as possible I'll have a look how it's fixed.

The annoying thing is that I can nearly see how the hinge fixes but there's all the gubbins in front of it, so I'll probably have to go at it from the side ! so I can see how you're thinking.



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