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flicka - 2012-10-31 10:24 PM


Has anyone had an success with the "Motorhome Blogger" on the right below the magazine link ?

Circular "Fresh new Motorhome blog" or square "Motorhome Blogger -- Click here"


All I get is "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"


Hi John I have just tried it on my PC and it works fine



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I'm using Safari as a browser and I get a "Can't find the server" message when I click on the Motorhome Blogger orange circle or the square above it.


In fact, what happens when I click on the circle or square is that this URL is produced




and you'll note the superfluous "//http" bit that follows the colon.


If I edit the URL to




the blogger webpage becomes available.


As one might expect the wonky URL to be produced for everybody irrespective of the browser they are using, I'm surprised alf was able to access the webpage by clicking on the circle/square.

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