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Fiat Hobby - Catches for window blinds


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Hello I'm looking for several of the blind catches to connect the blackout to the bug blind - not sure of the make but do have photo which I will try to attach.

They are just taped together at mo & off to France for 6 weeks over winter so doubt I'll need to open a window but need to get it sorted soon-ish. Would be very grateful for pointers.



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Welcome to the Our&AboutLive forums.


It would be helpful to know how old (and possibly which model) your Hobby motorhome is, but - based purely on your photo that indicateds your blinds are the roller-type - I'm guessing that the vehicle goes back a fair number of years.


I can't identify the make of blind for certain, but it's quite likely the blinds were made by Remis, as Hobby has historically used that make of window blind a lot.




Assuming that your blinds are a Remis product, you could try using these contact details:


Ian Fletcher

Brookfield, Easton Piercy

Chippenham Wiltshire



Tel: +44 (0)1249-7500-65



(Ian Fletcher used to be the UK Remis agent, but this may no longer be the case.)


Have you tried contacting the Hobby Motorhome Owners Club?




or Hobby Caravans (UK)?



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That link isn't for complete blinds but just spare top and bottom blind rails with the catches already fitted.


With prices starting at £86 a pair it seems rather expensive!


But perhaps that is the only way to get catches?



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Thanks for the replies.


It's Hobby 750 FML 2001


The catches are badly designed as the 'spring' on it is just the piece bending back before catching so in time the plastic bit deteriorates and snaps. 4 have broken but I bet it's not long before the others do and as you say £86 for a pair is very steep. The rollers aren't very reliable either - the roof ones don't return so think will have to repair/replace them too.


Has anybody else had experience of trying to replace them?

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welcome to the forum nikkifinn

i had these on my old van, they are available!! unfortuantly i cannot for the life of me think where they are!! they just slide off the blind you do not have to buy the full kit £5 tops closest i can get is this link


it comes under rocker catch, maybe email em see what they come up with


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Did you intend to provide that link, as it relates to Heki roof-lights (and doesn't appear to contain any mention of a "rocker catch")?


GOOGLE-ing retrieves quite a few inquiries about obtaining catches for Hobby window blinds (often for Hobby 700 motorhome models) including this one:




The maker of the blind/catch never seems to have been established with certainty - I think it may well be Remis, but I've seen Seitz suggested - which makes life difficult when it comes to identifying who might be a potential supplier of spare parts. The Camp Europe link Robinhood gave earlier clearly shows the required catch, but the manufacturer of the blind that uses that catch is still not stated.


Ambergate Caravans http://www.hobby.testingspace.net/about.asp has been suggested in the past as a useful contact for Hobby spares, though this is is the same firm as Hobby Caravans(UK) that I gave a link to earlier. (Might still be the best place to enquire from, though.)


Another (clutching at straws!) possibility for information is Go European http://www.goeuropean.co.uk/ as they've been importing Hobbys to the UK from the early-2000s.

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yeh derek i did intend that link, i know its heki and seitz, if you look down to the 3rd drawing there is a rocker catch in a little drawing top right of the picture, this is the same catch, however it doesnt give a part number and i thought it could well be a starting point on his seach for one..hope this answers your query


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