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Peterborough Show


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longtemps - 2013-04-08 7:56 AM


Hi everybody.


Thinking of going to the show for a few days. Does anyone know where we can acquire any discount coupons on the entry price?



If you buy the May edition of MMM for £3.95 there is a voucher on page 26 entitling "2 for £14" admission ilo of the usual £7.50 each :D :D :D

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Don't know whats wrong with the link to the discount voucher, but it comes up as half a page because its at 200% Russ. Any chance of changing it or am I doing something wrong?


I have tried it on Landscape rather than Portrait and it still only has half of it. I can see "2 for £" and thats all.


Thanks for your help

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BrianBW - 2013-04-09 2:59 PM


Shall be going to that unmentionable, National Motorhome Show, 'Shepton Mallet 11-14April, been going for the last 10 years, long before the MMM one. (lol)


One week? Is that really so long before the Warners Peterborough show? Shepton is hardly a national show though, surely?



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Intended to say bugger that..then realised I cant say that,so sod it I.Intend to go.. cos her indoors will have finished the Washing/housework..done my ironing,and cleaned my shoes..got the coal in..and will have time on her hands?

Today is our 52nd Wedding anniversary..so i told her to take it easy..I didn't need the shoes till 8pm..and that we we would be going to Peterborough..so she need not worry about a holiday?

I am planning to have the front room re decorated,so I have bought her a set of paint brushes and a lot of paint.

Married 52 years..together? 60+ years..she is a lucky woman???

Do not believe a word of that drivel..yes the wedded and together is right..but i get the coal in..i???

Peterborough will be a fantastic weekend..I will be the guy at the bar buying you all a drink??Buggr the rain..just go and enjoy!!!





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