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swivel seat seatbelts


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Hi all

After a few trips in our (to us) new van the OH has complained of the seatbelt cutting in to her shoulder. Rather than get her a booster seat :-D does anyone know of any devices that would help? Bearing in mind that the belt is fixed to the seat only.



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Hi t5topcat

Your link is for a product from the USA.

It would be wise ti check it has "Type approval" for UK use


Years ago my wife had a same problem in a Bedford CF van. At that time I was able to find a "dropper plate" which fitted between the Seat belt anchor point & the seat belt mounting plate. This dropped the seat belt approx 2.5" but despite extensive search on t'net, I can't source any.

My guess is that "Type Approval" has caused their demise.


This link (for BMW) but should be available for other vehicle, fits on the seat itself, mounted by the headrest positioners & may be (IMHO) a better option.


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