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Easycruise cruise control


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Can anyone help me please?, our recently aquired 1997 Pilote Galaxy is fitted with a cruise control , which doesn't work. We have an owner's manual which indicates that it is an EASYCRUISE made by Rostra Cruise Controls in the USA, and I imagine that it was fitted when the van was new in1997.


There appears to be no information of any sort on either the driver's control stick or on the 4"x3"x2.5" black box under the bonnet, which has electric cables at one end and a bowden cable which appears to head off towards the throttle pedal assembly at the other.


I need to locate someone who can sort this out for me and the company that supplied our van has undertaken to pay.


If you can help I shall be most gratefull.


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Your system will not have been original equipment on your 1997 Pilote Galaxy, but cruise-control kits for retro-fitting (ZEMCO-branded kits were common) were widely available back then, operated via a vacuum unit or an electric servo.


If I remember correctly, a magnetic pick-up was fitted to the prop-shaft (RWD vehicles) or to a drive-shaft (FWD) that fed a signal to a 'black-box' that, in turn, caused a bowden-cable connected to the accelerator pedal to be pulled or released to maintain a set cruising speed.


I believe EASYCRUISE relates to the company that fitted your cruise-control system, not to the Rostra-made system itself. There are a few on-line references to an EASYCRUISE company (based in Kidderminster Tel: 01562 827730) that was fitting Rostra-made cruise-control systems about 10 years ago, but nothing recent about them.

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