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Buyer beware


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Gist of the thread on "Swift-Talk"

“I'm hopefully going to be buying a 2007 (56) old shape Fiat Ducato 2.8 Diesel Bessacarr motorhome very soon, I'm not sure of the model, but it looks like it says "Cameo" on the back.

It was on eBay and went to the highest bidder at £14,650.00”

“it has Cameo on back & on inside of van, there is no model number.”

“Have got the vin number ZFA24400007839073 and spoke to Swift with the details and they tell me it's not a Swift manufactured motorhome and they don't recognise the layout, or the vin number,so perhaps it is some sort of conversion, which may explain the colour change on the VOSA report and no mileage in between MOT's, might have been a Fiat Ducato van that was made to a motorhome and someone has put the name Bessacarr along with a cameo badge on the back???”

“Beware ? is it a cut & shunt ? I don't know of ANY Swift produced Coachbuilt Motorhome that started life as RED. Another clue is the "Cameo" badge. If this is a mix & match it could explain the high mileage on the donor chassis. It would also explain why it was "off the road" for a long period (for the mix & match transformation)

Another pointer - Bessacarr motorhomes had a "Bessacarr" badge on the front grill, NOT a Fiat.

Having a further look at the photo's. The rear panel does not look right. IMHO it resembles the caravan rear panel, not the Bessacarr motorhome rear panel. This could explain the "Cameo" badge.

Cynical - in this case definitely.

We had a Bessacarr E410 on a 56 plate (reg Oct 2006) & they were available with a discount as the new X250 models were due to be released. All Bessacarr Motorhomes at that time only had a 3 numeric designation, preceeded by "E".

Also "dealer" specials were generally NOT on the Bessacarr models only the Swift badged equivelant.”


Definitely NOT a Bessacarr. Look at the 1st picture & you can see the original roof line of a caravan with an insert to give the luton front. Also the luton is TOO square. Bessacarr's of that era had a moulded rounded ABS? profile


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you cab see where the overcab bulge has been grafted onto the 'caravan'. Looks well done for a home made job. but the vendor needs to be honest.


I know a horsebox manufacturer who built his own coach built motorhome from scratch. He's proud of the build quality (must say it's excellent). I asked about whether it would be dfficult to sell as it's a one-off but he's not intention of parting with it.

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Barryd999 - 2013-10-28 12:01 AM


You can just tell by the retard wording on the advert and answers to questions that its not right. Ebay is full of dimwit scammers that cannot answer questions properly and give themselves away.


On the contrary, it is worded such that there can be no comeback by anyone who buys it. The 'mugs, if you like are those that might bid on it, but saying that ,IF, it has been converted to a good standard with the correct parts and is brought for a good price is there a problem?

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From what has been said there is clear misrepresentation of the vehicle as a Bessacarr motorhome. It seems it cannot be that so, however skillfully the graft of Cameo caravan parts to a Fiat base (that I suspect had been converted to a motorhome of some sort originally, as the log book should show) has been executed, I think that does matter - as any buyer needs to know it is a "bitsa" to know what to look for, and where. The advertisement, on the basis of the above sleuthing posts, appears to be dishonest. Perhaps he should be quizzed by an e-bay fan as to how a motorhome gained a Swift group trailer caravan name that seems never to have been used for a motorhome. He may come clean, he may (justifiably, if he was conned when buying) claim complete ignorance, or he may refuse to reply.
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Dear angels1903,


I have never seen a Bessacar motorhome like this? We had a Bessacar. What model is it? Is it a genuine sale? A 2006 model would not sell this cheaply


Hi it is a cameo 4 berth and yes it is a very nice and good motorhome and it is for sale you can view it and test everything if you want to thanks Andy



- angels1903


I posted the above question but not a clear response and it has not shown on ebay? I have questioned again that it is a caravan model so will wait for reply.

I have checked and the vehicle is registered with DVLA as category N1 :-


Category N: Motor vehicles with at least four wheels designed and constructed for the carriage of goods.


Category N1: Vehicles designed and constructed for the carriage of goods and having a maximum mass not exceeding 3,5 tonnes.



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