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Tow Bar


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Thanks for that link, Muswell; interesting. I took your comment to be saying, in terms, no point in Waxoyl because the galvanising will give all the protection that could reasonably be required.


Your link made me go and look at its UK equivalent, here http://tinyurl.com/pucaatw which, if anything, is even more informative. I then learnt that my original comments (based on my recollection of BS5493), are out of date, and that the new standard (EN ISO 14713-1) takes account of reductions in atmospheric sulphur dioxide since 1977, with advantage to the durability of galvanised coatings. So, galvanising now offers even better protection than it used to. Good news!


However, the thickness of the coating governs its lifespan, and the thicknesses being graphed on the American site relates to 1/4" structural steel, which won't be used in towbars! The thickness of zinc is proportionate to the thickness of the steel it is coating, so I reckon the coating on a tow bar would end up around 45 microns, which would still give good protection. I don't know how the atmosphere under a vehicle would be rated, but I would expect it to be relatively severe for UK based vehicles.


There is some tendency for the zinc to pull away from sharp arrises, leaving a thinner coating in these areas. Add that most fixing bolts are likely to be bright zinc plated, which is less durable than hot dip galvanising and, even allowing for the generally improved atmospheric conditions, I'd still be inclined to apply a dose of Waxoyl type stuff just to be on the safe side. But, that's me! :-) Personal preference aside, I think you're right, and a hot dipped tow-bar should remain corrosion free for quite a few years even if left raw.


Whatever, it is a substantially better protection than paint, powder coating, or plastic coating and is, IMO, the way to go. The $64,000 question is, can/will the fabricators do it?

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Hot dipped Galvanised may be the way to go but for the manufacturers it is a right royal PITA!!!

Land Rover tried hot dipping their chassis many years ago (IIRC 1960's) but very quickly dropped the idea as the temperature involved is high enough to stress relieve the steel and consequently cause twisting.


As I said earlier in this thread I had our towbar shot blasted and powder coated four and a half years ago and it is still as good as the day it was done so I do not see any benefit in risking twisting a towbar by having it hot dipped.




Edit to add that I'd much sooner have a nice gloss white towbar on the back of my MH than a dull galvanised 'industrial' looking one!

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Couldn't find a photo with our trailer in but it's one of these. We took the two channels off, fitted one back in the centre and fitted boards either side to make a solid bed. Then fitted two clevis pins to secure the ramp on the side.

It tows perfectly and when not in use it's stood up on its end and a strap on the garage wall stops it falling.


We've carried a 320 kg Pan European on it, I think it's plated at 500kg


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