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thetford Flush motor


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Can someone tell me how to replace the Flush Motor on a 402 system?

I've got the motor hanging out (which is siezed) and I presume the wiring comes attached to the new motor.

How do I get to the back of the switch to detach the old cable and attach the new?



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For the record, Thetford's website has a wide range of downloadable files relating to their products.




These files relate to C400 toilets




and the "Sanitation Repair Instructions" file will include the C402 water-pump replacement extract that's on the Leisure Shop Direct website, plus a whole lot more useful advice.

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Ok. Thanks guys.

I'm a retired auto-electrician, so won't have any difficulty cutting and joining.

I was concerned about the water, but, the shrink wrap and probably some silicon should be ok.


Appreciate all the help. Thanks.

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