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Stafford Motorhome Show


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nuevoboy - 2014-06-09 9:19 PM


Am I going senile......or am I correct in thinking that MMM subscribers were going to get free admission to this show?


Not heard anything yet and the date is looming.


Yes you are correct...


"MMM, Caravan and WHICH Subscribers:

Look out for your free pair of tickets in your subscriber pack of MMM Summer issue and Which Motorhome July issue. This will be a loose A4 insert in the pack. Please bring this along to the show for your free entry."


Quote taken from Showpage.



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Subscriber copies of MMM Summer issue will be sent on or around 26th June, while the July issue of Which Motorhome should be with you around 12th June. Your free pair of tickets will be inside the packs as a loose A4 insert


Leaving plenty of time before the event on 11-13 July. We look forward to seeing you there!


For more information on the show click here

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