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Help reaffixing my top hinge on 4ft window.


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Motorhome is an apache 600 2005

Help reaffixing my top hinge on 4ft window.

Knowledgable good folks help appreciated.

The middle part of my window has popped out and it looks like I will have to take the hinge off to re fix.

I have tried to get a new 4 ft hinge from our local supplier ( O'learys Hull) no joy.

I hope to straighten the existing hinge if it's bent.

(1) which type of sealant should I use Modular silicone etc.

(2) if the 4 ft hing can't be straightened where can I get a new one.

(3) Has anyone carried out a similar job.

I hope it's a DIY job as Dealers around here are pricey

Kind Regards


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Hi Steve,


If your windows are similar to ours then to remove them you open them, unscrew both stays from the frame then lift the window until it is just over 90 degrees then it simply unhooks. The hinge can then be unscrewed from the body for repair or replacement. Refitting is as simple as removal, get the angle right and hook it in.


Do not use any kind of household or building silicon or other sealant, ONLY ever use a purpose designed Caravan or MH sealant, preferably a non-setting variety.



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Many thanks folks.

Window was removes as Keith suggested .

The window is actually bowed quite a 3 person job manipulating it back in

Had to squeeze the damaged sections back into shape then open up the channel slightly put the window back in then knock the channel back together to hold the window in.

Have not had to replace the hinge at this time, I gave the window the hose pipe test seems ok .

Thanks again for the help.


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