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Autotrail Savannah mattress


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insignia - 2014-08-13 2:07 PM


I need to replace one of our single bed mattresses on our van and have been quoted £320 + carriage and

3/4 weeks wait can anyone suggest a supplier that might be a bit cheaper that I could try any help would be appreciated


We too have a Savannah, our mattress has a 'hinged' section to allow the headrest area to be inclined,so this isn't just a straightfoward mattress (mind you £320 is a bit over the top, you can get a 1000 pocket sprung double for that price !) It's probably Autotrail adding their 'Cut'.

Also these mattresses are NOT full Length/size (as you probably realise), I would think,if you don't mind losing the 'Headrest incline' bit, that getting a mattress made out of either Memory Foam/Reflex Foam would be cheaper.




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Have a look at single memory foam mattresses on Ebay, much cheaper than a MH one (paying for it being called that!). There's no reason why you couldn't still have a 'raising' head on it either as memory foam can bend and be cut easily to size.


I'm going to replace the cushions that make up our rear 'fixed' bed (it can be made into a dinette too hence it having cushions) with a memory foam mattress instead as in the 2 years we've owned it we've only once used it in 'settee' mode which was just after we'd got it on a day trip with my Mum, so it isn't a problem that it won't be able to be used that way with the mattress.

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