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2006 mohican Mercedes 2.7 sluggish


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No. It should not be.


We have the 313CDi which is the 2.2 litre 4 cylinder and find it perfectly adequate so your 2.7 litre should have power to spare.


My first guess would be that you possibly have a turbo boost leak. Check the intake system between turbo and inlet manifold very carefully for signs of leaks or oily residues.


Have you had it checked for codes? If not this may reveal if there are any problems lurking.


Another good idea for a Merc is to fit a Scan Gauge 2 (or similar). This will give live readings of Turbo Boost (or MAP is actually the better reading) and water temp, Engine % Load, etc, etc. to let you see how the engine is running at all times.


Finally a VERY good source of Sprinter info and help is the American 'Sprinter-Source' Forum.Link. This forum has a wealth of knowledge on all things Sprinter and always seems to come up with answers to problems.


Enjoy the reading.


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