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Fiat goo


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Just unpacked the x250 compressor and goo pack for the first time.

A few points.

The goo will automatically go into the tyre unless you unscrew the cartridge.

These have a very limited life.

The plug is larger than a standard cigarette lighter socket.

So if you want to use it in another vehicle, it may not fit.

Anyone used one in anger?

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Billggski - 2014-11-15 3:31 PM


...The plug is larger than a standard cigarette lighter socket.

So if you want to use it in another vehicle, it may not fit...


Are you sure that the plug-size is non-standard?


The Ducato Owner Manual for X250 (and X290) models includes a section on using the “Fix&Go” kit and advises that the power-supply plug should be inserted "in the nearest 12V current socket”. There’s a drawing showing the plug inserted in the dashboard-socket to the left of the cigarette-lighter socket.


There’s on-line discussion about the Fix&Go kit causing fuses to blow, but nothing to warn that the plug-size is unusual. As the fuse-blowing comments indicate that the Fix&Go plug can be inserted in either the ‘power’ or the cigarette-lighter dashboard-socket, it can be assumed that both sockets are the same size. And, as people want to plug all sorts of electrical stuff into a dashboard-socket, it would be odd if Fiat chose a non-standard design for the cigarette-lighter socket.


Having said that, there are on-line complaints about the design of the dashboard-sockets fitted in Fiats, with some sockets not holding a standard plug tightly enough and others making it near impossible to insert/remove the plug.


This earlier thread refers to Fix&Go compressor failure, but I don’t think the Fix&Go kit was being used to temporarily repair a puncture when the pump broke:




Assuming that the Fix&Go sealing fluid is still OK, the compressor doesn’t break, the 12V power-supply to the compressor will take the strain and the puncture is minor and recognised early enough that the tyre isn’t badly damaged, a Fix&Go kit should be effective in providing an emergency, temporary puncture repair.

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There are 2 sizes of cigar lighter plug and socket in common use and unfortunately using one in the other invariable doesn't work even though the difference is small and not perceptible to most people unless they know.


If you look on the Roadpro website I'm sure you can find conversion adaptors from one to the other.



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