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Solar and vehicle battery


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Hi all how long do you think (roughly) your vehicle battery will last before going flat(no alarm) in storage. I don't have access to electric and was wondering if a solar panel would be wise, also if doing that should I link to leisure battery aswell?


I mainly use sites with hook ups so domt need massess of power. Anyone have rough idea of cost of having one installed and any recommendations in the westmidlands I'm in Wolverhampton near birmingham.


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3 weeks should be fairly safe, but in a real cold spell maybe only two.


Yes solar is the best answer, normal arrangement is to have a solar regulator that will charge both, normally have the leisure battery connected as the main one receiving the solar charge once that is 80% charged it feeds a trickle charge to the engine battery.


An 80 watt panel would be a good cost effective option & would give enough power for off grid use in the summer if you decide to have a change from sites.


If you only want to maintain the engine battery you could put a small 20 watt panel in the windscreen with a cheap regulator just connected to the engine battery, however that will not stop your leisure battery from being wrecked if if gets flattened.


Can't help with fitting recommendations as I always do my own.

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