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Head Up Speed Display


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It might be helpful if you said which make & model of HUD device you have, just in case someone else has one and/or is familiar with it.


As Donna says, the ’non-GPS' versions normally exploit data from the vehicle’s OBD port and the location of the X250’s port was discussed here



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It is a Speedview but that is not the problem. The van is fully can bus and therefore does not have a speed sender. Does anyone know if a derived speed signal is present on the late X250? Can bus interface units are available but at an uneconomic price!
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DAS is evidently aware that a CAN-bus interface is available for the SpeedView display unit, but (understandably) is reluctant to fork out cash for the interface if an alternative no-cost method of connection is practicable.


The 2011 SpeedView Installation Manual indicates that the basic unit has just 3 wires that connect to the vehicle - an earth wire, a fused 'ignition-live’ wire and a ‘vehicle speed signal, wire. Connection advice is as follows:


"You will need to find where these wires are in the vehicle and how to remove the trim to get to them. Check your vehicle’s workshop manual for details.


Asking experts and enthusiasts from owner’s clubs and online discussion forums is another good way to find these wires. You should also search the www.speedview.co support section to see if there is an example of a SpeedView fitted to your make and model of vehicle with photographs already.


These wires are usually found behind the radio if it automatically adjusts the volume as your speed changes. Behind the speedometer/ instrument cluster is another common location. Occasionally it may be easier to get to the vehicle speed signal wire at the ABS ECU or on the sensor attached to the gearbox.


The SpeedView can be fitted to a vehicle with no electronic vehicle speed signal, at additional cost, by using a ‘universal’ speedo transducer available from Merlin Motorsport at Castle Combe racing circuit.”


DAs’s question is essentially “Does a 2014 Ducato X250 have the type of straightforward vehicle speed signal mentioned in the SpeedView manual?” If it does (and I’ve no idea if it has) he should be able to avoid the extra expense of an interface: if it does not, then an interface will be required.


Apparently the SpeedView(UK) company ceased marketing these units in 2012 and Furore Products is the current vendor. I would have thought that Furore Products OUGHT to be in a position to say whether a CAN-bus interface would be necessary for a SpeedView HUD if fitted to a 2014 Ducato. Realistically, If Furore Products cannot say, the chances are minimal that a forum-member will know.

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