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Short trip checklist?


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We're very new to motorhoming. I'm really concerned that I'm going to drive off and forget something vital, so I've put together a checklist for when we set off on for a day trip in the van whilst we are away on holiday.(see below)


Short trip checklist

• Hook up disconnected and stowed

• Awning disconnected/retracted

• Gas off at valve

• Step retracted

• Fridge to 12v and door locked

• 12v isolator to off

• Table stowed

• Windows locked

• Work surfaces cleared

• Tea towel on cooker top

• Habitation door locked

• Drive off chocks carefully (and stow them)


Have I missed anything?



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Guest pelmetman

Checklists are wonderful if you use them ;-) ..................


Still managed a few years back to arrive on site without our EHC, which I unplugged just before leaving home :-S ............





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Cupboard doors, drawers and overhead lockers closed and locked [if you have the push-button type] - I specialise in cutlery retrieval on most trips........It's always the thing I forget to do.

Same goes for external lockers.


Although did once forget the dog, had to turn around and go back to the campsite....

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