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Resealing windows


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One benefit of the recent atrocious weather was that it identified a leak. Judicious application of gaffer tape stopped the leak, and the source proved to be a side window.


My question is, is there any value to resealing without removing the window? I can do that myself, but I think I would leave removing the window to a professional, not least because I can't get the van under cover.

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pepe63 - 2015-06-10 11:20 AM


As it's leaking (and it's not just a case of you wanting to "tidy up" the existing beading), then personally, I'd be looking at taking the window out.


It will also give you a chance to see if there is any damage.......

Unless you have pinpointed the exact point of entry (by which I mean where the water is getting in on the outside, not where it is emerging inside), and know you can treat the leak without removing the window, I agree with Pepe. Do a thourogh job and check for damage while doing so.


Any van, made anywhere, that has a timber frame supporting the external cladding, will be prone to damage from water ingress. The wood doesn't know where it was grown, or where it was made into a motorhome, it only knows it is wet - and so do the inevitable fungal spores that generate rot!

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As applying gaffer tape all round the window stopped the water coming in, I am pretty certain the fault lies there.

I appreciate the responses, and was fairly sure the advice would be to do it properly. That is also my preference, but time (I want to use it as much as possible over the next few months) and finance (as stated, I would want a professional to do it) militate against that at present.

So, other than just leaving the gaffer tape on, which OH doesn't seem too keen on - I blame her preference for Caravan Club sites - I think I will just replace the beading round the window meantime and treat it as a temporary repair.

And keep fingers crossed.

Cheers all,

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Keithl - 2015-06-10 6:12 PM


Chris, please refresh my ailing memory, what MH do you have and what make or kind of windows are fitted? Someone may be able to advise how easy removal or resealing is if you tell us.




It's a 2006 Autosleeper Inca. The windows are double glazed acrylic, top opening, that's all I can tell you.

I'll post on the ASOF forum, don't know why I didn't think of that before.

Thanks for your interest.


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Well, I stripped out as much of the old beading as I could, and reapplied new stuff. Left it for a day, then played a hose all over that whole side of the van, up, down, sideways, for about ten minutes. No water ingress, went back to look again some time later, still nothing.

Next day, took off decor panel under window to give good access for a damp meter. Where the water had been running down, 17%. Various other areas below the window, between 2 and 5%.

Next day, 17% was down to 13%.

So, fingers crossed.

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