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motorhome battery


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hi I am new to motorhome.. just bought a Fiat Ducato moveo c6 2010.

It won't start, charged the battery and it starts but then won't re start. I have removed the battery and it is a 680A. I have read that this is not big enough for the motorhome.


Going to buy a new one tomorrow as we are going away at lunch time tomorrow, can anyone help pls and tell me what is the right one? thank you joanne :-(

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Guest mikethe bike

A 680 amp hour battery would start an Aircraft Carrier I would think.

one of 80 A/H sounds more like it. At 5 Yrs old it is probably wise to re-new it anyway.

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You actually mean 680 CCA which is 'Cold Cranking Amps' and is the power the battery can deliver to start the engine.


The usual measure of a battery is Ah or 'Ampere Hours' and is the 'capacity' of the battery. As already stated you need a batteyr of around 80 - 90Ah at aguess.


Try putting your reg or base vehicle details into the likes of Halfords website and see what batteries they recommend. This will be a lot nearer than any guessing on here :-)




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