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Basic electrical concepts and wiring techniques


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Reading How To... In mmm any electrical diy requires "basic electrical concepts and wiring techniques"....


Now I've hardwired a dashcams in my car (simply fitting a cable into a spare fuse) and know how change a house electrical socket (switching off all electrics!)... However, does anyone have a list of do's and donts for motorhome electrics diy?


ie. health and safety prior to starting?


What should be basic list of equipment?


If I can fix some issues myself, (hab door central locking is likely to be wiring issue due to rain), and fitting a USB socket, then I could save a few bob, and gain useful experience - but if anything is beyond me I know when to call in the experts.

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Basically if you have to ask for info on electrics concepts and how to wire you really shouldn't. Far better to pay a qualified person to do it than come back to your van in flames.

Electrics can also kill if you you are talking about mains voltage neither of these results would make for happy reading.


Take care, remember you may not be the last or first person to own the van and mucking about with concepts could cause serious injury.

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If you want to know Pyrie, really interested, knowledge is a boon to not just repairing cars/vans but to knowing how things work, Mechanically and Electrically. If its for base vehicle electrics and mechanicals get a workshop manual which includes electrical schematics. Add to that list the electrical schematic for the separate motorhome body. Study the electrical schematics to find where the wires go to.

Look for Fuse box, IPM, ECU, BCM, etc., and trace wires.

You don't get electrical shocks from manuals and schematics only a dizzy brain.

So find the part that's giving you grief on the schematic and trace it back to the fusebox.

Of course disconnect the battery for all electrical work.

We have all got to start somewhere in life, like learning to ride a bike.

And...Ask, ask, ask, if your not sure.

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So here is a good start, the full wiring diagram for the Auto-Trail side of your MH...




See if you can work out how various things work, eg fridge on 12 volts, interior lights, etc, etc.


If you have any questions on anything specific then ask away and we'll try and help.



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I always thought that 12v. Electrics were a piece of cake,and over the years have fitted countless car radios,towbars & associated electrics, using only basic electrical knowledge and tools, I also always serviced my own vehicles and did minor repairs. However with the advent of ECUS, & Can bus wiring systems I have to admit defeat , it still can be done (diy) but only with approved pre-prepared wiring kits, specifically for the correct model and type, also doing it this way is no longer a cheap option. So tread carefully,as mistakes can be very costly. If not dangerous.
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